Considering Solar?

Solar Usage

You will need to figure out is what your electrical usage is every month. Then decide how much you will need to offset this expense. Keep in mind that solar is for personal use, as there is no real incentive in producing extra power to sell back to the power companies. Some companies will buy back at a low rate. Others will allow you to use overage for the next month.

Solar Array System

Next you should look at the south facing rooflines and the pitch of the roof. The weight rating on your roof is another big factor that will need to be taken in consideration. This will help decide whether you want a roof or ground mounted system. 

Current Electrical System

In order to safely tie your production into the grid, our Licensed Electricians will need to take a look at your current electrical service. Having a newer service may make things easier, but any upgrades that are required for your solar project, should be eligible for tax rebates.

SolarEdge Online Monitoring

When installing a SolarEdge solar array, you are able to monitor how your system is working online. This is a FREE service provided by SolarEdge. We have created a public customer login for our installation at the shop, so that you can try it for yourself. It is the best way for us to show everyone how the production at Berg Electric is doing, as well as letting you test run the online application. You can look up previous months, days, weeks of production as well as alot of other data. Simply click on the button and enter the username, and password, bergelectric1 .

Every installation will be unique, as individual needs will be different. There will be different requirements and obstacles to properly integrate your Solar Array safely to the grid. Contact us to help you evaluate your needs for your new Solar Array. We will meet with you and answer any questions you have.


Lower electrical bill.
Tax Rebates! Need I say more?
Environment Friendly

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