A 'year of school' lasts from February-April. One week a month you will travel to the Des Moines area for an 8 hour per day, Monday through Thursday class. You will be required to do in class coursework as well as online course work while outside of class time. This must be taken seriously and every effort made to show what kind of tradesman you wish to become. You will be responsible for getting yourself to and from class on your own. There are discounted hotel/motel rooms available in the area if you do not wish to commute every day.

Berg Electric will pay for Apprentice's tuition, book fees and 4 years of licensing while working towards your Journeyman license. You will get a great paying job while gaining your OTJ training. To summarize, you are getting the equivalent of a 4 year degree, at no cost to you, and no student debt. We simply require that apprentices pass the school-work program and hold employment with us for a total of 6 years. This includes 4 years of OTJ training and school, as well as 2 more years after receiving your Journeyman license. We are willing to invest 4 years worth of training and expense, we're hoping that you want to repay that investment by continuing to be a part of our team, even if its only for a couple years after earning your Journeyman license.

Once you have received your Journeyman license, it will be up to you to pay for your continuing education, and keep your license current. As a professional in the trade, this will not be a problem.


Berg Electric requires each employee to buy, and be responsible for, their own hand tools. This is important not only because it shows your commitment to the trade but shows your employer that you are responsible enough to take care of your own tools as well as your employers tools and equipment. We cannot stress enough how essential it is, that apprentices learn to take care of their own tools, as they are going to be entrusted with taking care of company assets such as power tools, inventory, trenchers, trucks, etc.

We DO understand that some new apprentices do not own all of the proper tools, and that buying them all at once is a major expense to overcome. In light of this, Berg Electric has a set of Apprenticeship Tools that can be used for up to 6 months, and will help ease the burden of buying all of your own tools, while giving you the equipment you need to perform your job.


While an Apprentice is not at one of the 12 days of class work, you will get the opportunity to work side-by-side with our Journeymen Electricians while learning On The Job skills in the electrical trade, and earning a great wage. This wage will depend upon your competency and ability to learn from your Journeymen and your ability to contribute to the Berg Electric team. This is a major part of your training program, and you will be required to not only pass your school work, but also to prove 8,000 hours of satisfactory OTJ training in order to be allowed to take your Journeymen exam at the end of your 4 year apprenticeship. Our office secretary will keep documentation on all of your hours and you will be given a monthly sheet showing your progress towards your 8,000 hours of OJT goal.


Now that you've read about our apprenticship program, you're asking "how"? Well, the first step towards being enrolled in our program is getting hired. We generally try to hire one apprentice each year after our current apprentices have graduated to the next year's apprenticeship level. This usually happens in April as we do our school course work in the winter/spring. The best way to be considered for our hiring process, is to stop in to our office and fill out an employment application form. We love to see past construction experience, resumes, and get to meet each of you to see why you think this apprenticeship would be a good fit for you. This is not just a "I'll give it a shot" job. This is a 6 year commitment, and a great opportunity to get to work with a great bunch of guys, in a great working environment. While you're waiting for our hiring periods, we highly recommend that you get out and work with local contractors learning things like framing, remodeling, customer service skills, and anything else that my help you get an edge over the other applicants.

Good Luck with your Apprenticeship!

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